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The Supreme Company Book Lease Program

Click the Library Store icon to visit our book lease pages and see what titles are trending now. For a complete list of titles call us at Ph:(337)453-1028 or Email :


Now offering The Supreme Company Library Lease Program!

2% discount upon pre-payment of annual invoice.Because who better than a staff of hired professionals who are dedicated to the joy of reading ! Supreme Company specializes in books and Library Collection services. With our book lease program you can exchange the titles you no longer use for the titles you need. With the help of The Supreme Company Lease program, your library will always be up to date with new and high demand titles. Each month Supreme Company will issue a Pre-publication list of new releases and anticipated high demand titles. Of Course you can always visit our book lease pages to see what our top selling titles are at the moment. Our Librarian's can shop daily for Hot New and Popular titles, Classic favirotes, and much much more. You may also request a complete list of titles offered at any time during the year via email, as well as some of our other customized list.

  • List of Popular Teen Titles
  • List of High Demand Titles
  • List of Bestsellers
  • List of Children Favirotes
  • List of Books by Award


Start by calling customer service today and choosing the size of you lease plan. All books are delivered to your library shelf ready. You will recieve points to spend based on the size of you subscription. Number of points per book are based on the Publishers List Price. For more information or to purchase a subscription please call our customer service department at Ph:(337)453-1028.